Pharmacy on a Smartphone – AStore

Do you want to improve your turnover and brand awareness? The AStore specializes in pharmacies with over-the-counter and prescription-only items.

The customer can order online at any time via the app on the smartphone. The processing of the order is simple and doesn’t require new hardware on site. The system runs on GDPR-compliant IT infrastructure.


  • Increase online sales

  • Serve customers online

  • Run bonus campaigns

  • Online and on-site advice

Features app

  • See your own logo in the App Store – the app is branded for you
  • Advertise top sellers
  • Advertise “The pharmacy recommends”
  • Use InApp chat and messaging for perfect consultation
  • Run your business as a pure app shop, i.e. only via an app and the administration interface
  • Smartphone support for Android from Google and iOS from Apple

Features Shop

  • Use mixed operation with online portal and app shop
  • Update items via the Pharmaceutical Central Number (PZN)
  • Update items with photos, descriptions and formatting
  • Develop rewards program for registered customers
  • Import voucher campaigns
  • Multilingual (no barriers for foreign language customers)
  • Online stock level
  • Automatic monitoring of the system (no need for an IT specialist on site)
  • Data protection-compliant encryption of all data (GDPR)
  • Server systems with 99.99% reliability (less than 1 hour failure per year)