RevoConnect IoT

You have distributed thousands of things, such as refrigerators, biosensors or special machines all over the world? Indicators such as utilization, use or service problems are not available. Now there is the option of accessing the operating data, whether via smartphone or in the office.

RevoConnect – immediately enables the acquisition of worldwide operating data and the control of up to 100 million devices – from the aqua sensor to cooling units or minesweeper.

A global infrastructure with multiple access points and private Cloud operates in the background.

The Internet of Things (IoT) solution at a glance:

"Proof of concept" and "customization"

We specialize in your proof of concept and adaptation according to your requirements.

Each business is different and the IoT application is tailored accordingly.

  1. Reference hardware for the interface of your product
  2. Adaptation the IoT application and web interface for your products
  3. Web interface for presentation and test purposes