News about breweries and commissioned bottling

Improvement of filling performance in a large brewery

The immediate intervention of employees in the event of an incident is also essential for a high-performance plant. Find our solution here.

Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) – A technical solution needed

The Continuous Improvement Process discovered a speed loss when linking palleted bottles with the charge number in the bottling area.

Introduction of a digital code system in a large brewery

Manual calculation of standardized key performance indicators is time-consuming. We have automated this evaluation by means of a software solution.

EasyLOG Information system

Information sharing according the “keep it simple” principle.
It is often not an easy task to keep log of events and changes of the production line up to date in a logbook. Operators are in a hurry and important information like timestamp, charge or general product info are not filled in.
EasyLOG helps to write down critical information quickly and fills in order information automatically.