News about Energy Supplier

EasyLOG Information system

Information sharing according the “keep it simple” principle.
It is often not an easy task to keep log of events and changes of the production line up to date in a logbook. Operators are in a hurry and important information like timestamp, charge or general product info are not filled in.
EasyLOG helps to write down critical information quickly and fills in order information automatically.

Drill-Down reporting and analyses for the energy industry

We designed together with the customer a dashboard solution to get a quick glance about energy supply, demand and a few specific key performance indicators. The reason was that the customer struggled with his reporting because…

Optimization of a hydroelectric power plant

The company Frohnleiten Energie und Liegenschaftsverwaltung (energy and property management) commissioned Revotec GmbH to optimize power plant control in hydroelectric power plant 2.