Does it Make Sense to Have Your Own Chat App?

Messaging apps have certainly changed the way we communicate. They give us the opportunity to send messages to our colleagues, friends and relatives at lightning speed. But the data sovereignty and security of public applications don’t always meet the requirements of companies.

The following points should be considered for messaging apps:

  • How to register (phone, e-mail, company ID)
  • Can contacts be imported or centrally distributed?
  • How does the message exchange work (centralized or decentralized)?
  • Is the security provided by “end to end encryption” sufficient?
  • Are self-destructing messages important?
  • Are channels (also rooms) important?
  • Where is the media stored (files, photos, documents etc.)?
  • How can the app be distributed within the company?

And that’s before we consider the basic functionalities of a messaging app:

  • In-app voice and video calls
  • Voice and video messages
  • Group video chat
  • Channels/groups
  • Self-destructing messages, for example: sensitive data should not be copied
  • Multiple platform support e.g., special Samsung smartphones
  • Chatbots, for example: help with contact search
  • Using emojis
  • Scheduled messages, for example: Status update every day at 10 am

Necessary technologies under development

  • Programming
  • Network
  • Database
  • Protocol
  • Caching

How do the development costs break down?

Instant Messaging at a Glance

500 hours

Marketing, maintenance and infrastructure

Login, import contacts, instant messaging, file sharing

Can a recommendation be made?

The way your own messaging app will look is limited only by your imagination. Dozens of factors must be taken into account and many functions must be implemented.

If you need intensive data sovereignty or a flexible app with deep integration into existing systems and short release cycles, it makes sense to develop your own app. If your goal is an in-house messenger and data sovereignty isn’t particularly relevant, you can simply use an existing “white label” instant messenger service. These services can be easily customized and cover basic features like messaging, login and integration of the company logo.

If you need your own chat app, the Revotec team will be pleased to support you in all relevant phases. From idea check and proof of concept to app development, we deliver everything from a single source, developed by professionals.