What Does it Cost to Develop an App?

In recent years, the typical budgets of mobile app projects have ranged from 10,000 euros for smaller solutions to more than 2 million euros for complex large-scale projects.

How Does Your App Cost Break Down?

  • App Idea

  • App Concept

  • App Design

  • App Development

  • App Development - Technical Details

  • App Test & Release

  • App Marketing

Cost Factors for App Development – Technical Details

UI Optimization for Tablets

If you expect your app users to have an enjoyable working experience with the app on their tablets, the app must adapt to large screens. Such optimization increases your budget for app development.

Landscape and Portrait Format

Portrait mode is when you hold your phone as usual, and landscape mode is when you turn it horizontally. Most mobile apps only work in portrait mode, while a few apps adapt their user interface to landscape mode.

Support for Mobile Operating System Versions and Device Models

One thing you need to know: Supporting old devices and operating systems will increase the cost of developing your app.

Offline mode

If you want your app to work without a network connection, cache algorithms must be available. This functionality provides an excellent user experience, but at a price. It gets even more complicated when you synchronize the app data on many devices.

Notifications (Push Notification)

Notifications are an indispensable part of a modern mobile app and companies use notifications to keep users busy: reading news, downloading episodes, subscribing, etc.

The cost of implementing push notifications varies from app to app, depending on how extensive the notification system will be.

Localization and support for multiple languages

If your app is aimed at users from different countries, it should support the appropriate languages. Depending on where in the world your users live, their user interfaces will be in Chinese, Hebrew, etc. This functionality is relatively simple.

User Profile & Social Login

In a user profile, users enter their details, define settings and so on. This is a common feature for all mobile social networking apps.

App Analytics and Usage Tracking

Flurry and Google are two of the largest companies dominating the mobile analytics market. Your tools provide insight into how your users play with an app, where they have problems, etc.