The demand for companies to cut energy costs and optimize energy consumption has risen in recent years. The improvement process of DIN EN ISO 50001 is complex; Energy data information system RevoEnergyControl can help here. As an energy data management system, it automatically records all the data that is generated in a production plant. Savings are quickly realized and the investment is amortized in a short time.

Evaluation and reports:

  • Registration of classic forms of energy such as gas, water, electricity, compressed air and steam
  • One-click charts for comparison
  • Energy parameters (EnPI) such as energy consumption, share of renewable energies, and energy consumption per production unit or cost center

Automatic wizard:

  • Automatic detection of irregularities
  • Preventive maintenance for atypical consumption deviations
  • Warning and escalation modules

Data collection:

  • Counting points with their own attributes, cost centers and plausibility check
  • Can be connected to common ERP systems
  • Link to production data