Service information and stories about projects recently implemented.

A LoRa (for long range) network contains the following components:

End node (e.g., a sensor)
Network Server

These form the minimal infrastructure to successfully use LoRa end nodes and evaluate them in a platform such as AWS IoT Core, Google IoT or RevoConnect.

Improvement of filling performance in a large brewery

The immediate intervention of employees in the event of an incident is also essential for a high-performance plant. Find our solution here.

Internet of things application with worldwide access points

With RevoConnect – special purpose you can automatically record operating data from special machine manufacturers worldwide in order to optimize workload, utilization and service requirements.

Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) – A technical solution needed

The Continuous Improvement Process discovered a speed loss when linking palleted bottles with the charge number in the bottling area.

Renewal of an existing alarm solution

One municipality was faced with the problem that the alarm via levels for the elevators and pumping stations had an expiration date. The background was the termination of the service from the network operator (CSD service in GSM networks by the end of 2017). In terms of budget, a solution was required.

Introduction of a digital code system in a large brewery

Manual calculation of standardized key performance indicators is time-consuming. We have automated this evaluation by means of a software solution.

Drying Oven Visualization and Receipt Program

At IBIDEN Austria the amount of drying oven had reached a laborious manageable amount and a combined application was implemented to operate and visualize the status of the 34 drying ovens in an easier manner.

EasyLOG Information system

Information sharing according the “keep it simple” principle.
It is often not an easy task to keep log of events and changes of the production line up to date in a logbook. Operators are in a hurry and important information like timestamp, charge or general product info are not filled in.
EasyLOG helps to write down critical information quickly and fills in order information automatically.

Drill-Down reporting and analyses for the energy industry

We designed together with the customer a dashboard solution to get a quick glance about energy supply, demand and a few specific key performance indicators. The reason was that the customer struggled with his reporting because…

Production on the way to industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is associated with high costs and little benefit for many decision-makers. This does not always have to be the case. Quickwins can be reached in partial steps without digitizing the complete system.