Downtimes are an unpleasant problem in production. Lost time cannot be made up and involves costs. Downtime tracking helps minimize downtime. How is downtime identified? The RevoDownTime-Tracker automatically detects standstills without the use of paper, with the help of touch screens and the associated PLC level.


  • Automatic detection of downtime via the PLC level
  • Manual recording of problems with touchscreens without connection
  • Exact quantification and statistical evaluation

Recording and archiving:

  • Automatic recording of downtime via the PLC level
  • Recording of downtime that is exact to the second
  • Dual capture (manual via touch screen and automatic)

Downtime reasons:

  • Own classification of downtimes
  • Hierarchical division


  • Downtime analysis based on machines, lines, shift, product, etc.
  • Email notification when violation of limit values
  • Downtime Pareto Analysis (Top 10 downtimes)
  • MTBF (mean time between failure) and MTBA (Mean Time Between Assist)