Optimization of a hydroelectric power plant using big data analysis

The company Frohnleiten Energie und Liegenschaftsverwaltung (energy and property management) commissioned Revotec GmbH to optimize power plant control in hydroelectric power plant 2.


Objectives of the project:

  • Increased power plant efficiency
  • Improved automation level
  • Remote maintenance of the system
  • Automated fault message alarms

Solutions implemented:

  • Implementation of a controller that increases the efficiency via the history (big data analysis)
  • Optimized quantity control of the four turbines and the feed channel
  • Automation of the turbine operation according to feed volume and drop height

Key results:

  • Significant increase in power plant efficiency
  • Simpler operation and remote maintenance via mobile devices (e.g.: smartphone and tablets)
  • Intelligent alarm solution
  • Very short amortization time


Is performance improvement at all possible with optimized controllers? The solution lies in the use of modern software-based analysis methods. Big data analysis examines the correlation of relevant factors over longer periods of time and can thus show the optimal operating state empirically. Operators can adjust the power plant controller to the ideal interplay of factors, such as feed volume and drop height, and achieve the maximum possible performance.