EasyLOG – Information system

Information sharing according the “keep it simple” principle.
It is often not an easy task to keep log of events and changes of the production line up to date in a logbook. Operators are in a hurry and important information like timestamp, charge or general product info are not filled in.
EasyLOG helps to write down critical information quickly and fills in order information automatically.

  • EasyLog Overview

  • EasyLog new entry

Objectives of the project:

  • Information sharing from shift to shift
  • Overview about events at first glance
  • Automatic archive and digital storage of shift information
  • Ease of use trough touch screen panels
  • Intelligent dictionary for quick entries


  • Client / Server Web application with optional authentication
  • Configurable production zones and operator groups
  • Timestamp, zone, product order are automatically recorded
  • Quick entries with just 4 touches on the screen (training not necessary)

Remarkable results:

  • Sharing of “Best Practice” line information
  • Quick change of shift due to fast handover
  • Improved communication between Shopfloor and Topfloor