Drying Oven Visualization and Receipt Program

At IBIDEN Austria the amount of drying oven had reached a laborious manageable amount and a combined application was implemented to operate and visualize the status of the 34 drying ovens in an easier manner. The resulting application is integrated into the current environment and is communicating directly via an OPC server to the drying oven PLCs. Lesson learned: Integration helps to improve within an optimized environment and digital paperless tools can be clear and easy to use.

  • Drying oven selection

  • Overview and Process Status


  • Drying oven status at first glance (process status like filling, heating plus product information)
  • Gantt-Chart about drying oven assignment
  • Detailed information about selected drying oven
  • Receipt selection and assignment via a touch panel
  • Easy download and exchange of receipts
  • Integrated in current environment and connected to 3rd party drying oven